Safety stickers, food and wine labels, wall and floor stickers, plus more—we’ve got the experience to make sure your stickers are perfect for your promotional needs. With waterproof and weatherproof labels also available, click below now to see our full range.

Make creative use of your floor!

Floor Stickers get 290% more attention than window and wall stickers. The simple reason is, people are so use to window and wall stickers and let’s face it very looks where their standing.

Floor Stickers enable you to advertise your message without cluttering up other valuable spaces.

They have an anti-slip surface and come in removable, permanent, carpet and concrete adhesives suitable for most flat surfaces. High UV resistance and textured finish to prevent glare.

They can be used for safety floor signs in warehouses and shopping centres, or for advertising on office reception floors, shop floors and special event carpet floors.

All surfaces must be a smooth clean finish; carpets must be a commercial grade short loop pile.

Carpet floor Stickers are the ultimate advertising solution for exhibitions and floor promotions. With a unique high tack adhesive ensuring your message gets across to consumers.

Concrete floor decals: are perfect for indoor warehouse safety signs or floor marking for direction as well as outdoor use on paths, roads etc.

Removable or permanent floor decals: are suited to any lino, tiles and other smooth indoor surfaces. Perfect for shop floor advertising or promotions.

Floor Stickers

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