How to start using your email signature

All you need to do to start using your newly created professional HTML email signature custom created for you by Rima Graphics

Apple Mail

  1. Go to Apple Mail Preferences.
  2. Signatures Tab

  3. Select your email account in the left column
  4. Create + new
  5. Uncheck "Always match my default message font".
  6. Paste your signature.

Iphone & Ipad

  1. Open the emailed signature on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Select all > Copy
  3. Go to Settings > Mail > Signature.
  4. Paste your signature.
  5. On iPhone: Shake your iPhone, and press Undo. On iPad: Select Undo from your keyboard
  6. The Undo action on iPhone/iPad will reverse the modification made by iOS and show the original signature back

Outlook 2016

  1. Click New Email, in the top toolbar you should see Signatures.
  2. Once you’ve clicked signatures, hit the + button under signature name
  3. Name your signature, and in the white space below, paste your copied signature
  4. Select "Keep source formatting".
  5. Save & Close


  1. Go to Outlook Settings
  2. Paste your signature.
  3. No Special Extra Settings Needed.

Gmail & Gmail for iPhone

  1. Firstly, install the signature in Gmail web.
  2. In your Gmail app, make sure mobile signature is turned off. To turn it off go to Settings > Select your mail account > Signature Settings > Switch Signature to Off
  3. Wait for up to 4 hours for the web-based Gmail server to sync with your mobile device's Gmail app.
    Your signature will not show up when you compose a new email but it will be added to your email after you send it.
  4. Send a test email to yourself to make sure it works.

Yahoo mail

  1. Simply paste your signature in Yahoo.
  2. No special extra settings needed.

spark mail

  1. Simply paste your signature in Spark.
  2. No special extra settings needed.
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