Artwork Specifications

Acceptable file formats

    Files can be saved in their native format as follows:

  • PDF – Adobe Acrobat -Preferred
  • EPS of any type including Illustrator and PhotoShop – preferred!
  • INDD – InDesign
  • PSD – PhotoShop
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator
  • Other formats can only be used as guides only and will incur extra charges to rebuild

How to send your artwork

  • We accept files on CD, DVD & USB, however Email is the preferred method

Setup your colours

  • Please provide C M Y K files if possible. However, we also accept R G B files, which we will convert to C M Y K .

what is a print ready pDF file?

  • All fonts must be embedded and transparencies flattened.
  • Images should be at least 300 ppi for best results.
  • Images should be at least 300 ppi for best results.
  • Use CMYK (no RGB)
  • Please include crop marks and at least 2mm bleed if required.
  • Correct final size.

what is NOT a print ready pDF file?

  • The document has not be sized correctly.
  • Colours are not set to specifications; eg. RGB or SPOT instead of CMYK.
  • Text and images are too close to the edge of the page. Rule of thumb is to keep all information at least 5mm from the trimmed edge.
  • Images and designs are not high resolution. These should be a minimum of 300 ppi at 100% size.
  • Bleed is incorrect. Artwork should extend at least 2mm past the crop marks.
  • Crop marks are missing or not correctly placed.
  • Document is supplied as a word, excel or publisher file.
  • Rima Graphics will reject any such file unless arrangement has been made where additional charges may incur.
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